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The 2021 English Talent Show


     Welcome to the 2021 English Talent Show. 

Hope all of you will enjoy today’s show. 

In today’s show, there are all together 19 contestants from Grade 2. Hope all of you will perform well and enjoy the process of the contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, our contest consists of two sections. The first section is the singing competition. The second one is the speech contest and in the end, there will be two fantastic English dramas waiting in the line . It’s definitely the Visual and Audio feast of the Year!




The Singing Competition

Price Tag(王韵)
Tonight is filled with laughter and cheers. Even if faced with ups and downs in life, there should be a smile on our face. Now let’s appreciate the song Price Tag from Contestant No 1.


The Monster (许维瀚 谭星烨)
My friend is a monster, it’s getting close to me. You can stop trying to save me, because it is in my heart and I can’t let it go. Enjoy the song The Monster from Contestant No 2.

Love is an Open Door(李红希 谭舒涵)
Surrounded by the people who love us and who we love, we are always too shy to speak up our love. Express your care and appreciation to the loved one and you will see---Love is an Open Door. Let’s welcome contestant No.3.

 Love Story (陈婧婧  谭垚)
We’ve always thought of the Romeo and Juliet Story as a tragic love story, but it would be a great relief if Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after. Now, let’s listen to Love Story from contestant No.4 together.

When the sun rises, desire is like a demon. Now wake up in the dark, for they are peeping into your dreams. The only thing you can do is stay awake, and watch out those Redbones. Contestant No.5 , let’s welcome!


Love is Gone(冯睿诚)
On the growth road with separation, the only constant is love. If one day love is gone, I will spend the rest of my life to remedy. Let’s welcome Contestant No.7 ---Love is Gone


Youth is like a river; Time is like a river. Don't say anything; don't think about anything. Just wave your hands, running to me like a river. Now please enjoy the song River from contestant 8. Welcome!


 We don’t Talk Anymore (朱萌 谭紫璐)
As time goes by, everything has changed, but the precious memory and experience with you still leave in my mind forever, even the words you once told me. Welcome contestant No.9. 

Blank space(宋洣)
Life is like blank space where we have many things to do and many dreams to realize. When we feel down, it’s love that brings us the sunshine and light. Now let’s listen to the song from contestant No.10



 The Speech Contest   

US Democracy (黄宇)
In the past, the US was often considered a representative of democracy, but in recent years, people have gradually realized that the US democracy is not as good as he is touted, let’s welcome the first contestant to talk about her idea about US democracy.


Want to be the alpha wolf? You have to compare. Want the top position? You have to compare. But have you ever asked yourself, “What is your real need?” contestant No. 2. Welcome.


More is not Necessarily Better(黄慧虹)
So many choices have appeared. Which to choose, so disturbing. It seems that more choices mean more splendid life. However, it is those numerous choices that make people feel at a loss. Actually, more is not necessarily better. Let’s welcome Contestant NO.3.


Our Cultural Confidence(赵玲琳)
Have you ever been familiar with Chinese traditional culture? What kind of culture do you think our traditional culture is? Where do you think our cultural confidence comes from? I believe contestant No.4 will give you the answer.


To Be a Confident Person(陈明明)
Confidence is an important key to opening the door to success. Without confidence, success will not wave to you and you will live a very painful life. So each of us should be confident. Now let’s enjoy the speech from contestant No.5---To Be a Confident person.


Round Table(魏岚)

Chinese culture has a long history. The round table plays an important role all the time. It is a symbol of Chinese sensation. please welcome Contestant NO.6——Round Table.


We are Fighters(张睿)
When the dark time comes, there is no lack of lights, they shine and save people in fire, they are devotees, heroes and fighters.The next speech is we are fighters from contestant No.7. Welcome.


The Importance of Keeping Optimistic(朱玉玲)
In our daily life,we may come across many difficulties.Instead of escaping from it, the only thing we can do is keeping optimistic.It is a key to the final success.The next speech is about the importance of keeping optimistic.


 Protect the Environment(周然婷)
The world is supposed to be full of beauty. But with the development of economy and the society, the world is crying as a result of more and more litter, harmful gas and other pollutants.So how can we save our world? Now, let’s listen to the speech from Contestant No.9 ----Protect the Environment.



What is the most priceless in your mind? Is it beauty? Is it talent? You may have your own answer. Now, let’s watch a group of lovely performers to see what is really the most priceless. Next, ladies and gentlemen , time for the drama ---What is the most priceless from Class 4 Grade 2 






Drama 2

Music is the most beautiful language in the world. It touches everybody's heart with beautiful rhythm. What will happen when a group of lovely children meet with music? Next, Let’s enjoy the opera--The sound of music from Class 1 Grade 2.







The  Final

The First Prize Winners

The Best Individuals

the best English speaker:杨姝雨   

the best  performer:黄睿   

the best actor:田俊杰(男)

the best actress:马田玺(女)



The Second Prize Winners

The Third Prize Winners


How time flies! Our English Talent Contest has reached the end.I hope all of you have enjoyed yourselves tonight! Thank you for taking part in our Contest.

Thanks for the great performance of our contestants!

Thanks for the presence of our leaders and the hard work of all the English teachers!

Today we gather here to enjoy ourselves. Let's look forward to our next gathering! 

See you.......

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